18K - 45K

May 29, 2021

Cross the Andes following the same ancient path that people did more than 1000 years ago, towards the prehistoric capital of Chavín de Huantar. Older than the Inca culture, the Chavín culture is considered the mother of Peruvian culture. See the historical touches of our past as you log this ancient trail with relics and ruins of this fascinating Chavín civilization. Despite its incredible beauty, the route from Olleros to Chavín is one of the lesser-known trekking routes in the Cordillera Blanca. With more gradual slopes, well-made trails, and incredible topography, the Chavín Trail is one of the best running trails in Huascarán National Park. Normally done as a three-day hike (once done with llamas), this 45 km route crosses the Andes from west to east with a high mountain pass at Punta Yanashallash (4,700m). One of the highlights of this event is ending up at the very excavated ruins of Chavín de Huantar, the epicenter of this influential ancient civilization.