Si tiene alguna duda adicional, contáctenos.

Para cada carrera realizamos la charla técnica o la charla de la carrera la tarde anterior al evento para repasar rutas, cuestiones de seguridad y regulaciones, beber cerveza y repartir las bolsas del kit.

¡Son divertidos y también una excelente manera de conocer a los otros corredores y patrocinadores involucrados en la carrera!

Recomendamos encarecidamente que todos los corredores asistan a este evento informativo. Cuando se registre en cualquiera de nuestras carreras, le informaremos la hora y el lugar de la “charla de carrera” correspondiente.

Yes! Bring your own water bottle. We are attempting to be as green as possible with this race and want to minimize waste and environmental footprint. We ask that you bring your own running bottle or hydration pack. This will help reduce the use of paper cups, plastic water bottles, and overall waste. The stations will have snacks, available to help you refuel and stay hydrated. Also please avoid throwing any trash on to the trails, hold on to any trash until the next station where there will be trash containers. 


SAO Chavín Trail 18K – 5 Hours 

SAO Chavín Trail 45K – 9 Hours


SAO Churup Trail 21k – 6 Hours


SAO Mountain Trail – 13K – 3 Hours

SAO Mountain Trail – 30K  -9 Horas

SAO Mountain Trail – 45K – 11 Horas

SAO Mountain Trail – 90K – 22 Hours (Day 1 = 11Hr / Day 2 = 11 Hr)


SAO Trail 513   –  25k – 7 Hours

Yes, on the SAO website you will find all the routes available to download in GPX format, as well as links to ITRA, Trace de Trail, to view details of the route. Click on Races 2021 and then each on the race details tage you will find the link to the Trace de trail

All our races longer than 20K the minimum age is 16 years old at the time of the race start

Races shorter than 20K have an age limit of 14 years 

Younger runners can run the race with approval from the Race Director. Young runners that wish to run the race should be accompanied by an adult and must request approval from the Race Director. Please contact the Race Director.

Between the months of May through September the Cordillera Blanca experiences stable, clear weather conditions.  It is chilly in the morning around 40C and warm and breezy during the day 75C.  That said, the races are all in high mountainous terrain where weather can and does change frequently and quickly.  It can snow, rain and be windy and for this we all need to be prepared.

Each race will have aid stations along the way.  The aid stations are staffed by our friendly and enthusiastic volunteers who sometimes have to hike in two days with donkeys and horses to position the station as many of the stations are trail access only. The details of the aid stations are indicated on the race detail packet.

Sadly no. The National park where we run our races does not allow dogs inside the park.


If you are traveling from out of town there are lots of hotels in and around Huaraz for the races starting in Huaraz. Below are nearby lodging options, also check Google search or on Airbnb for additional options.


  • Hotel Selina
  • Hotel Churup
  • Hotel Andino
  • Olaza’s Guest House
  • NJ Hotel



  • La Casita de mi Abuela -(043) 634170
  • Mirador Yungaino – 945 307 180



  • Hotel inca
  • Hostal Restaurante Chavin Turistico


No. Due to the advanced planning and logistics entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and entries are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Sorry, no exceptions. 

Once we receive and accept your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate. 

You may not give or sell your number to anyone else. 

For all our races we award the top three places with really cool trophies! In addition many of our sponsors provide products for placing runners.  As we get closer to the race dates we solidify what the winners get – but all our runners get the best reward of all – the joy of running and challenging themselves in stunning places!


The SAO is trying to be as green as possible and create minimal waste. Please help us by bringing your own water bottle or hydration pack for the race. You can refill water on the course stations.  Below you will find a list of mandatory and recommended items for running the race.


Mandatory Items

  • Headlamp for distances of 30k or more (minimum 200 Lumens)
  • Hydration system (1.5 Liter capacity minimum)
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • 500 calories of nutrients
  • GPS tracking (mandatory route 90k SAMT)


Recommended Items

  • Trail running shoes
  • Running hat, visor, sunglasses
  • Lightweight collapsible trekking poles
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Personal medicine/salt capsules
  • Elastic bandage (ace bandage)
  • Whistle
  • GPS tracking (mandatory route 90k SAMT)
  • Camera (optional)
  • Small flash light or headlamp (50K)


Post Race Items

  • Towel
  • Change of clothes and shoes
  • Cash to buy awesome beer and food
  • Medicina personal / cápsulas de sal
  • Banda Elastica
  • Silbar
  • Seguimiento Garmin / GPS
  • Cámara (opcional)
  • Luz de flash pequeña o faro (50K)

Yes. You can accomplish anything you want as long as you set your mind to do it and train for it. The race is planned for participants of all abilities—including walkers. If you are new to trail running or this is your first trail race we suggest doing the 13K distance and training as much as possible to prepare for an awesome race.


Trail running in general can be more challenging as it consists of narrow dirt pathways, uneven surfaces, hills to climb up and down, all of which require additional attention and focus while running. This race has a good challenging climb shortly after the start plus there are additional hills and narrow single track trails that provide good challenge throughout the course. It is those risks and challenges that is part of the adventure that makes trail running so much fun! Please review the course maps, elevation profile and fly-through videos to better prepare for an awesome race!


Yes. All our courses  will be clearly marked using a combination of colored flagging tape and white powder (yeso) to indicate arrows on the ground  

We have used a combination of Garmin GPS tracking and Google Maps route tracking to create the courses for each distance. The GPS data is fairly accurate however there are challenges in properly tracking the distance when going up or down hills and into canyons where GPS tracking can be lost. Because of this there are always discrepancies in the final distance.

Your GPS tracking data may show shorter or longer distances on race day. We have seen up to 1.5 km variances in our own tracking when running the same course sections, however the discrepancies in distances are less than 2%.

On races where the finish line is different from the start line there will be a drop bag option and you will be given the drop bag ticket with your race kit.

On the 2-day route or stages (SAO – Mountain Trail 90k), the organization will transport a second bag for the arrival at the finish line of the first stage.

No. We will do our best to keep our races going whether it’s sunny, raining, snowing or anything in between. The weather only adds to the adventure to make for an awesome race experience! 

Yet, there are still potential risks that are beyond our control that could cause a race to be canceled. We hope that will never happen, however, we do have an event cancellation policy.

Yes you can switch from one distance to another. The cut off for all changes is 2 weeks prior to the race date. Submit change request from the contact page.

Request Change

While most of our routes are remote and not accessible to vehicles we do have a friends and family package where they can hop on one of our buses and be at the finish line to cheer you across!  See Friends and family application



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